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Thomas jefferson political cartoon

Thomas jefferson political cartoon


In this political cartoon, an eagle is coming down from the clouds and is descending on Thomas Jefferson, who is kneeling at an altar and attempting to burn ...

In this political cartoon, Thomas Jefferson is standing between George III and Napoleon, who are taking Jefferson's money right out of his pockets.

Political cartoon from 1807. Relating to the embargo during the Thomas Jefferson administration.

CARTOON: JEFFERSON, 1809. 'Intercourse or Impartial Dealings.' An American cartoon

In this political cartoon, Thomas Jefferson is seen as a skinny prairie dog, who is stung in the butt by Napoleon, seen as a hornet.

Thomas Jefferson and political attack ads

Federalist Party political cartoon attacking Thomas Jefferson, ca. 1801

This Federalist cartoon depicts the federal eagle preventing Jefferson from burning the Constitution on the altar of French despotism.

Peter Pencil.

Today confederate statues – tomorrow Thomas Jefferson and George Washington? Political Cartoon by A.F. Branco

thomas-jefferson-no-free-man-shall-ever-be-debarred-the-use-of-arms- political-cartoon

The Providential Detection - Cartoon Philosophy American Presidents American History Government Law and Politics

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Thomas Jefferson Embargo Cartoon

This political cartoon published during the embargo criticizes the act. "Ograbme" is "embargo" spelled backward.

Stock Photo - An engraving of a political cartoon comparing George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, using select quotations from Hamlet and symbolic imagery ...

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Thomas Jefferson: "Our Liberty depends upon the freedom of the press." Trump: Wrong!

This is a political cartoon from 1801. It depicts Thomas Jefferson joining forces with Satan to take down the government. I did not realize how harsh ...

James Akin's earliest-known signed cartoon relating to Jefferson's covert negotiations for the purchase of West Florida from Spain in 1804.

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Thomas Jefferson Toppling Government, Early 1800s

Political Cartoon: Intercourse or Impartial Dealings

Political Cartoons of the Week. Thomas Jefferson Texting- haha

6. Was Jefferson ...

18. Japan Protests Snow White, 2011

CARTOON: JEFFERSON, 1809. 'Intercourse or Impartial Dealings.' An American cartoon

President Tom's Cabin. Jefferson ...

An 1865 political cartoon depicting Benedict Arnold and Jefferson Davis in Hell. Click to enlarge and see a slide show.

Editorial cartoon on Congress

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Biography: Thomas Jefferson for Kids (Cartoons) Declaration of Independence (Educational Network) - YouTube

T. Jefferson Cartoon, 1809

Some congressmen vowed to suspend the Constitution rather than support Jefferson.

Mike Peters' Editorial Cartoons ...

Mr. Moler's Blog

Trump's Megyn Kelly Insults Will Drag Down the GOP With Women | Thomas Jefferson Street | US News

An attack cartoon against the anti-federalists, who were Alexander Hamilton's political enemies, it depicts party leader Thomas Jefferson ...

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Political Marked Man, 1884


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See Leader of the Opposition: In Wait at Monticello from Thomas Jefferson: The Art of Power, 2012 by J. Meacham and U. S. History Hamilton vs.

Cartoon titled 'The Providential Detection' depicts President Thomas Jefferson trying to burn the co

In this political cartoon, a turtle labeled "EMBARGO" is sitting on the shore of what is assumed to be America's land. Behind it is what appears to be a ...

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The deplorable history of U.S. campaign mudslinging. 1884 election cartoon

“A Philosophic Cock,” ca. 1804, James Akin, courtesy American Antiquarian. “

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23 BRANDING JEFFERSON AS A DANGEROUS RADICAL A Federalist cartoon depicts Thomas Jefferson was an enemy of religion, lawful government, and the Constitution ...

Political Cartoon Meme Challenge- Find the origins of the political cartoon below and then use the image to create a meme that illustrates your ...

Thomas Jefferson believed that a free press was one of the core tenants of American democracy and that those who were afraid of facts were often the loudest ...

This illustration accompanied ...


MAD TOM IN A RAGE, 1801. /nA Federalist cartoon etching of 1801 attacking the administration of Thomas Jefferson. However, historians differ as to whether ...

Embargo Act. An 1808 political cartoon depicting U.S. Pres. Thomas Jefferson ...

Editorial cartoon on 2016 presidential election

It doesn't say so explicitly, but it's yet another attempt by the Tribune-Review to undermine the credibility of the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Stock Photo - Federalist Party political cartoon attacking Thomas Jefferson, ca. 1801

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Thomas Jefferson Political Cartoon - Bing Images

1 Troubles ...

Political Cartoon

... as they should do, your right to join us in society, conforming, as I doubt not you will do, to our established rules.” –Thomas Jefferson

Jefferson Davis Political Cartoon

History rushmore president george washington theodore roosevelt national memorial low jpg 400x427 Thomas jefferson political cartoon

Embargo Act

Jefferson: The face of the modern gun debate

Thomas Nast's Anti-Tammany Cartoons, 1871

Cartoon by Gary Varvel - Cartoonist Gary Varvel: Obama edits the 2nd amendment

John Adams cartoon 11 of 12

Federalist poster about 1800. Washington (in heaven) tells partisans to keep the pillars of Federalism, Republicanism and Democracy

Jefferson and the Devil


<1808 newspaper w ANTI THOMAS JEFFERSON political cartoon BRITISH TRADE EMBARGO

Thomas Jefferson victory banner. Courtesy of the Smithsonian Institution, National Museum of American History.

Cartoon: Mount Rushmore (medium) by Nizar tagged president,mountain,mount,

Thomas Jefferson illustration

François Nicolas Martinet.

A political cartoon by Thomas Nast

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One of numerous political cartoons depicting the bachelor President as an "old maid."

... The Embargo Act: Foreign Relations - Thomas Jefferson Political Cartoon DBQ

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2. King Andrew Jackson I, 1832

T.jefferson Cartoon, 1809 Canvas Print

Thomas Nast drawing of elephant and donkey as Republican and Democrat mascots.

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15 Thomas Jefferson  A political cartoon from 1801, which depicts Thomas Jefferson joining forces with Satan to take down the government.

File:Hiram Revels and Jefferson Davis.jpg

Contemplating the possibility of secession over the War of 1812 (fueled in large part by